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ID Required

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, Terrorism Act 2000 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007

The above legislation requires us to satisfy ourselves as to the identity of all our clients and any person who may have a beneficial interest in the property. If we fail to comply with this legislation we may be committing a criminal offence.

Ordinarily we are under a duty to keep all information relating to your affairs strictly confidential unless authorised by you to disclose information to someone else. However, we sometimes have other duties and obligations which affect our obligations to you; for example, we are obliged to disclose to the Serious Organised Crime Agency any suspicions we may have regarding money laundering or terrorist activities and this will override our duty of confidentiality. In such circumstances we are not obliged to notify you that we have done so.

Before we can act for you can you please provide us with the name and address of any third party who may have a beneficial interest in the property and who may be making a financial contribution to the purchase price.

At the same time, we will need to ensure that the identification and address for you and any such third party is verified. For each person would you please provide us with one document from List A and two documents from List B.

List A

  • Current Fully Signed Passport.

  • Current UK Photocard Driving Licence.

ID Required 2

List B

  • Birth Certificate.

  • Current EEA Member State Identity Card.

  • Current Identity Card Issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland.

  • Residence Permit Issued by the Home Office.

  • Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Licence.

  • Photographic Registration Cards for Self-Employed Individuals and Partnerships in the Construction Industry.

  • Benefit Book or Original Notification Letter from the DWP Confirming the Right to Benefits.

  • Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill or Statement, or a Certificate from a Utilities Supplier Confirming an Arrangement to Pay Services on Pre-Payment Terms.

  • A Cheque or Electronic Transfer Drawn on an Account in the Name of the Client with a Credit or Financial Institution Regulated for the Purpose of Money Laundering.

  • Building Society or Credit Union Statement or Passbook Containing Current Address.

  • Entry in a Local or National Telephone Directory Confirming Name and Address.

  • Confirmation from an Electoral Register that a Person of that Name Lives at that Address.

  • A Recent Original Mortgage Statement from a Recognised Lender.

  • Solicitor's Letter Confirming Recent House Purchase or Land Registry Confirmation of Address.

  • Local Council or Housing Association Rent Card or Tenancy Agreement.

  • HMRC Self-Assessment, Statement or Tax Demand.

  • House or Motor Insurance Certificate.

If you or any such third party are unable to attend our offices in person with original documents please take them to an independent firm of solicitors convenient to you, an accountant, doctor, high street bank manager or your financial adviser (provided he or she is registered with the FSA) who will prepare certified copies. The Post Office also offers a certification service for your ID. The certified copies must then be sent to us immediately. Please be aware that we will also need to ask you for proof of the source of any money to be paid to us before we can accept your instructions or any money. In any event we are unable to accept any payments of cash in excess of £300.

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