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12Apr 2018

If you are buying or selling a property the conveyancing process can get complicated and there are all sorts of problems that can arise. While many of these can be relatively minor, they can cause the mortgage lender to delay in releasing funds and moving the process forward. Indemnity insurance can help ensure that everything […]

12Mar 2018
Are micro homes the answer to the UK's housing problem?

Viral videos promoting this new fad have been circulating the internet for the past year or so but the question is; do micro homes really serve a purpose in today’s UK housing market? First of all, what is a micro home? Whilst they do vary in size, a common description is a home that measures […]

12Feb 2018
Should we accept technology takeover for Mortgages?

Once upon a time signing mortgage deeds was a long, hassling process but now some companies are claiming you can complete an application in as little as 15 minutes. So, how is this possible? The move to paperless mortgage deeds is finally happening this year in the public sector. The idea of digital mortgages has […]

17Jan 2018
HM Land Registry Removes Cost for Commercial Ownership Data

In the government’s commitment to creating a digital economy, as of the 7th November 2017, HM Land Registry has made commercial ownership data completely free. The data includes, commercial ownership, corporate ownership and overseas companies’ ownership. So, how does all this work? HM Land Registry holds all data on land or property in England and […]

11Dec 2017
Building more houses: Answer to the UK's housing crisis?

The week that was, the Autumn Budget.  Philip Hammond has outlined his £44 billion package of investment, loans and guarantees to increase the annual amount of homes built. But, the question is, does building more homes automatically equal a more fruitful and sustainable housing market for the UK? In the lead up to the budget […]

15Nov 2017
Increase in UK House Prices: Good News or False Security?

House prices are up again this month but what does this mean for the long term future of the UK housing market? As of Wednesday, mortgage lender Nationwide said that October showed a 3 month high in house price growth. Prices are up by 2.5% on the year from the previous 2.3% that was seen […]

17Oct 2017
Autumn Budget: Housing Policy Fairness or Resentment? Stamp Duty.

Whilst many are still reeling from the increase in Stamp Duty which was announced in April of last year, it seems all have forgotten about the impending Autumn budget scheduled for Wednesday 22nd November 2017. Whilst of course only loose predictions can be made, there is little doubt that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip […]

15Sep 2017
The Role of a Guarantor - What does it mean?

More and more, those who are looking to get on the housing market are finding it harder to put together the deposit and get accepted for a mortgage. With stricter rules on lending, it can be a minefield for first time buyers to navigate.  Acting as a guarantor can help someone get on the housing […]

17Aug 2017
The Mortgage Market - Then and Now

There’s no doubt that the financial crisis of 2007 sent shock waves through the world. Nowhere was this more evident than in the housing market. The impact on mortgages and their affordability and availability was a big part of this. Banks, trying to overcome huge financial losses, became less willing to lend and Government began […]

17Jul 2017
The New Tax Year: Changes that you need to know about

After last year’s increase in stamp duty for second home buyers, something that certainly hit the buy to let market, things have a been a little quieter on the tax and property front this year. Landlords are still finding their margins being squeezed, however, and there are some important legislative changes that came into effect […]