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23Feb 2016

If you have bought a Leasehold flat then depending on the term of the Lease you will, at some point, need to extend it. Once your lease falls below 80 years not only does the value  of your property begin to drop it becomes more expensive to extend the Lease.  This is because of the […]

12Jan 2016

Making sure that you have building insurance is, of course, important but many home owners don’t check if they are covered for every eventuality. It’s often now tagged onto contents insurance and customers don’t begin to realise they have inadequate cover until a situation arises where they have to claim. If you live in a […]

07Dec 2015

Time to buy? Buying a house is a huge undertaking for anyone and giving yourself as much chance as possible to get the best deal is important. If you are competing on a property sale with a number of other potential buyers, not only can it push up the price you end up paying but […]

18Nov 2015

Our love affair with technology may be putting us in hot water when it comes to dealing with conveyancing solicitors, according to some news reports. Whilst solicitors may on the whole be considered trustworthy by their clients, the dependence on digital technology has led to them being targeted by hackers. There have been a number […]

28Oct 2015

It’s always a pertinent question when any major regional infrastructure change takes place. The impact on property values can vary according to how near you are to the build and opinions can contrast quite sharply depending on where you live. The Southend Airport Expansion is generally seen as good for business and most agree that […]

21Sep 2015

Increased rainfall over the last few years has led to a rise in incidents involving sinkholes that could affect the price of the property you are thinking about selling. Sinkholes can form for a variety of reasons and can occur anywhere. The first you generally know is when the ground collapses and the damage is […]

18Aug 2015

When spending a lot of time, money and effort in buying a property you would think most people will make sure that all the bases are covered. After all, getting things wrong can cost a small fortune. It’s all the more surprising with the amount of investment involved that many property buyers ignore the task […]

20Jul 2015

There was good news in the first full Conservative budget for nearly 20 years this month – the threshold for inheritance tax on homes will be raised to £1 million which means that less of the assets you leave to loved ones will be going to HMRC. As far as taxes go, inheritance tax is […]

18Jun 2015

It was one of the most divisive policies of the coalition Government in the last parliament and has caused untold pages of newspaper copy pointing at its inherent unfairness. The bedroom tax is seen by many as an attack on the disadvantaged and most vulnerable in our country whilst others have pointed to the fact […]

19May 2015

It has been one of the major election issues for people in London and the surrounding Home Counties, particularly those trying to get onto the housing market for the first time. Surging prices mean that the average cost of a terraced house in Essex is in excess of £214,000 and one bedroom flats are going […]