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17Oct 2017
Autumn Budget: Housing Policy Fairness or Resentment? Stamp Duty.

Whilst many are still reeling from the increase in Stamp Duty which was announced in April of last year, it seems all have forgotten about the impending Autumn budget scheduled for Wednesday 22nd November 2017. Whilst of course only loose predictions can be made, there is little doubt that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip […]

15Sep 2017
The Role of a Guarantor - What does it mean?

More and more, those who are looking to get on the housing market are finding it harder to put together the deposit and get accepted for a mortgage. With stricter rules on lending, it can be a minefield for first time buyers to navigate.  Acting as a guarantor can help someone get on the housing […]

17Aug 2017
The Mortgage Market - Then and Now

There’s no doubt that the financial crisis of 2007 sent shock waves through the world. Nowhere was this more evident than in the housing market. The impact on mortgages and their affordability and availability was a big part of this. Banks, trying to overcome huge financial losses, became less willing to lend and Government began […]

17Jul 2017
The New Tax Year: Changes that you need to know about

After last year’s increase in stamp duty for second home buyers, something that certainly hit the buy to let market, things have a been a little quieter on the tax and property front this year. Landlords are still finding their margins being squeezed, however, and there are some important legislative changes that came into effect […]

15Jun 2017
How Does a General Election Affect House Buying and Selling?

Many of us might have groaned a little when the General Election was announced a couple of weeks ago and sent every MP in the country into campaigning mode. It’s certainly been a tumultuous time when it comes to politics, not just here in the UK. But does an election have any impact on buying […]

15May 2017
Is Divorce Opening You Up to a Stamp Duty Surcharge?

The increase in the stamp duty charge for second homes is not only posing potential problems for buy to let landlords and second home buyers but could have implications for couples going through a divorce or separation. In what is undoubtedly a traumatic time in someone’s life, partners looking for a new place to live […]

12Apr 2017
What it means for home buyers and landlords. Stamp Duty

There have been two major changes for home buyers that have had an impact over the last twelve months. The first was the introduction of higher rates of stamp duty for second homes which is particularly important to the buy to let industry and landlords. The second, a little more subtly, is the impact of […]

14Mar 2017
Who is Responsible if a Transaction Fails?

Home buyers often have the unreasonable belief that their property transaction will go through smoothly. When it goes wrong, it’s often tempting to blame the conveyancing solicitor. There are a number of factors that may cause delays or be problematic that mean a property transaction doesn’t go through in time or not at all, and […]

13Feb 2017
The Issue of Rights of Way and Shared Space

One of the most common conveyancing issues faced today is the one of the right of way for shared space. The conflict usually arises between the person who owns the land and the individuals who are entitled to use it and have right of way. In most circumstances, these problems are resolved by the interested […]