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14Mar 2017
Who is Responsible if a Transaction Fails?

Home buyers often have the unreasonable belief that their property transaction will go through smoothly. When it goes wrong, it’s often tempting to blame the conveyancing solicitor. There are a number of factors that may cause delays or be problematic that mean a property transaction doesn’t go through in time or not at all, and […]

13Feb 2017
The Issue of Rights of Way and Shared Space

One of the most common conveyancing issues faced today is the one of the right of way for shared space. The conflict usually arises between the person who owns the land and the individuals who are entitled to use it and have right of way. In most circumstances, these problems are resolved by the interested […]

30Nov 2016

The biggest buzz amongst conveyancing solicitors in recent times has been the consultation set up by the Law Commission which is due to finish at the end of this month. This is looking at possible improvements to the Land Registration Act 2002 and it could have an impact on conveyancers across the UK. One of […]

17Oct 2016

Conveyancing solicitors got together recently to warn about buyers and sellers using email to manage their transactions. With concerns over possible fraud on the increase, many are pushing for a return to traditional post and fax rather than online options such as email and text. While email is suitable and expedient for getting in touch […]

14Sep 2016

Buying a house is more than likely going to be the biggest financial commitment you are going to make in your life. When you are in a position to put in an offer for a property you’re probably going to be excited and already thinking about how you are going to decorate it, what the […]

17Aug 2016

For many homeowners, that dead space in the loft is a perfect way to add an extra room to a property and also increase the eventual sale value. For growing families in particular, the option of moving home when a new baby arrives is often not viable or desirable. Spending money on a loft conversion […]

15Jul 2016

Buying your first house can seem a pretty daunting prospect. It’s the biggest investment and financial transaction that most of us undertake during a lifetime. You need to be certain, first of all, that it’s the option for you and there a number of issues to get in place, including that all-important deposit. Getting the […]

15Jun 2016

With the rise of online sites such as Zoopla and Yopa, much has been said about whether high street estate agents are relevant in this day and age. After all, you can go on a property site, browse all the details of a house and make an offer without even going to see a professional […]

17May 2016

If you are buying a second home from now on or are a buy-to-let landlord looking at a new property, this April has seen a significant change in stamp duty. For any additional residential property you buy there is a 3% surcharge which means you are going to have to pay more. Stamp duty on […]